How The Nutrisystem Diet Helped Reduce My Blood Suga

Diabetes has been in my family for generations. My grandfather was a diabetic, my mother is diabetic, and when I was pregnant, I developed prenatal diabetes which developed to Type 2 diabetes. Given my family history and medical condition, I decided that it was time to change my lifestyle by maintaining a healthy weight and eating sensibly.
I knew that dieting was a crucial tool to manage my condition, so I settled on the Nutrisystem diet plan. I kicked off my new lifestyle with the 5 Day Diabetic Jumpstart Weight Loss Kit, and now, one year later, I’m glad I started the journey.

First, Know Where To Get Nutrisystem Coupons

To be frank I am not an expert when it comes to saving money, but I googled for “Nutrisystem coupons” and ended up at I was told that she blogs about Nutrisystem a lot and I have to admit, her 40% off deal worked just great!

When people talk about a lifestyle change, they make it sound like a walk in the park. Mine wasn’t! The 5 Day Diabetic Jumpstart was easy enough because I had ample resolve to see the diet to the end. At the time, I weighed 279lb, so weight loss was one of my key drivers. But after the first five days, I had to learn to adjust to the meal portions and a new taste.

The Nutrisystem 5 Day Diabetic plan is designed for people who have Type 2 diabetes and also for those who want to prevent or manage their blood sugar levels. The plan comprised of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert portions plus a meal planner that helped me lose my first 5kg. Even though I knew that this was mostly water weight, it spurred me on and kept me motivated.

During my 5-day kickstart phase, all I did was eat the food in the pack, and the weight just dropped off. The total calories I consumed on the plan was much lower than the foods I usually ate. At first, I was discouraged because I’m normally a mindless eater and don’t keep track of my food. But as I started the diet, I began to understand portions, calories and more surprisingly, my taste buds adapted.

  • I Loved Having NutriSystem for Breakfast
    NutriSystem has a variety of options to choose from. Some pancakes contain about 25g carbs (less 5g of fiber), and 3g of fat. I love the pancakes, they taste great and I have them several times every week. The oatmeal is also another great choice because it tastes just like instant oats. There are other breakfast options like meal replacement bars, frittata mix, scones, etc. I like to eat whatever I feel like having, so long as it is from the Nutrisystem pack.
  • Add Some Veggies to Bulk Up The Lunch Pack
    Dinner was also quite varied. I could have everything from rice to black beans to the chicken salad. I didn’t entirely approve of the small portions, but I discovered in no time that I felt full irrespective of the meal size. I realized that the high protein in the lunch packs kept me full till dinner time. On any other diet, I’d have rebelled against the small portions, but the Nutrisystem plan made it easy to adapt. On my hungrier days, I add some vegetables for bulk.
  • Dinner, Dessert, and Snacks Are Healthy
    Dinner has more options and variety like grilled chicken breasts, spaghetti with meat sauce, meatloaf, etc. The meals were truly yummy and just like the lunches were also very satisfying.
    I didn’t quite like the desserts, but my mother loved them a lot. Maybe it was the silica gel packaging that they came in; it didn’t quite feel like dessert. The snacks were delicious, and I adored the nacho chips, soy crisps and cheese puffs they were simple snacks that tasted healthy.

Overall the meals, desserts, and snacks were great. At first, I felt that the food was too salty, but after a few meals, I couldn’t tell the difference anymore. Breakfast is the best meal that the NutriSystem pack has to offer, and because I’m a breakfast person, it was really important that this meal was perfect.

My Nutrisystem Results

Conclusion – Is Nutrisystem Worth it?

I was inspired by my initial weight loss and decided to find out more about Nutrisystem. I discovered that the foods in the plan were lower on the glycemic index and helped reduce A1C by 9%. That’s was truly awesome news and the main reason I fully adopted Nutrisystem into my diet.
In one year on the Nutrisystem plan, I’ve managed to bring my blood sugar levels down from the 230-330 range down to about 110-135. Along the way, I’ve also lost 47 lbs, which by my calculation is more than half of what I needed to loose. When I started out a year ago, I just wanted to stay healthy and lose some of the excess weight, but now I feel rejuvenated like I have been given a second lease on life.