Build a healthy and efficient team with Nutrisystem!

Hello, I’m Sarah and I am the head of the research and development department at the regional office of TMZ Bank. I was promoted to this position a few years back. I work with a team of 25 researchers. We come up with innovative schemes and ideas and analyze its costs and benefits before officially launching it. We calculate the risks and benefits of partnerships or loans and help the board to reach its final decision. We also have the responsibility of finding ways to improve bank services. We recognize you’re here for Nutrisystem coupons, but hear our story first.

Last year, we conducted a research on the efficiency of our employees, and found out that their productivity suffered a lot after lunch. We then decided to conduct a small questionnaire on the eating habits of our employees. We then found out that most employees spent their lunch allowance on fast food and returned feeling drowsy after lunch. We came to the conclusion that we needed to invest on healthy food to improve the condition. We decided to start eating healthy for a month within our department to see how it affected our productivity. After a thorough web search we decided to try the Nutrisystem meal plans as it had excellent reviews. I will tell you about the Nutrisystem promo codes after I share our journey with Nutrisystem.

We were really impressed by the results. The meals that Nutrisystem provided were filling and delicious. And surprisingly, we didn’t feel drowsy after eating. We felt active and our performance improved drastically! We were getting a lot of work done. That month we proposed the board to give out coupon codes instead of the employee lunch allowance. The employees were skeptical at first; they thought the food wouldn’t be tasty. But after they tried it, they stopped complaining. The bank’s productivity enhanced significantly. The employees could no longer come back late after lunch and they were a lot more productive. Our branch was doing really great, all credits to Nutrisystem!

After using Nutrisystem for one month!

The Nutrisystem discount codes can be used as a small incentive for your employees. Give them to the employee who is the first to arrive at the office or the one who stays the longest. Or perhaps, to the employee who handles the most transactions. You can also do a lucky draw and make a small event out of it.  It is a small gesture but it will keep your employees motivated.

Cost saving meals

Nutrisystem meals are affordable and inexpensive. With the Nutrisystem discount codes you can receive up to a $2 discount. For something that is healthy as well as tasty you’d expect to be charged a huge amount but Nutrisystem is really cost effective. Our bank has been able to save a significant amount on meals. The productivity and efficiency of our employees has improved to a great extent.

Nutrisystem is something for everybody

The lunch menu has a lot of choices. You can have a grilled chicken sandwich or a pepperoni pizza melt. They are all tasty and filling. If you are still hungry you can always have their lunch bar! I think this is a really great meal plan. It is affordable and yummy beyond doubt. It also has unique meal plans for vegetarians and diabetics.

Prompt and timely delivery

Nutrisystem delivers meals right at your office doorstep. The meals always arrive on time. If they are a few minutes late you can always spend the time looking for Nutrisystem discount codes! Their packaging is also great. You can keep it at your desk without worrying about spills and stains.

Absolutely no fuss

Nutrisystem meals are pre-cooked and frozen. So, all you need to do it heat it before consumption. They require a prep time of no more than 5 minutes. Heat it as instructed and its ready to eat!

Breakfast to dinner

Nutrisystem not only provides lunch but other meals too. Walt, one of the guys in my research team, has taken up the whole Nutrisystem diet plan. He lives alone and this plan has been very helpful to him. He likes Nutrisystem so much that he always says he is never going to cook again.  According to him, Nutrisystem provides 6 meals a day which has also been helping him to lose weight. Influenced by his experience, many other colleagues of mine have started following the Nutrisystem meal plan.

From my team’s view, here are some pros and cons of Nutrisystem:



  • Microwaving can be a problem is your firm has a large number of employees
  • Could take a while to get used to

It has now been almost a year since we first partnered with Nutrisystem. The results have been really impressive. Our employees are healthier and feel a lot active. This has directly influenced their performance. The productivity of our branch has increased and the employees have never been this efficient. The absentee rate has also dropped significantly.

All thanks to Nutrisystem and its wonders our branch was declared the best performing branch at the Annual General meeting. After seeing the change brought about by Nutrisystem, the board of directors has now decided to give out Nutrisystem deals to employees in all the branches.

If you want to raise the productivity of your firm, I highly recommend you to try the Nutrisystem meals. You will thank me later.

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